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Java Certification : Which one should you take?

Sun has identified 3 job profiles for those working with Java. You can choose the profile depending on your current working domain or the domain you wish to diversify into. Programmer: Anyone who has a basic understanding of Java (Standard Edition) and can write code for well-defined design applications can be a programmer and the corresponding certification is SCJP.

SCJP: A Sun Certified Java Programmer uses J2SE technologies to demonstrate the programming competence on Java platform.

Developer: An SCJP having good knowledge of design principles and competence to apply them to develop large software applications can be a developer. The certifications that can strengthen the career path of a developer are SCWCD, SCBCD, SCMAD and SCDJWS.

SCWCD: A Sun Certified Web Component Developer develops J2EE applications using web components.

SCBCD: A Sun Certified Business Component Developer develops business applications using EJBs and J2EE technologies.

SCMAD: A Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer is an experienced J2EE/J2SE programmer who has diversified into the mobile applications development arena.

SCDJWS: A Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services has a standard level of proficiency with web services, as well as with the Java technologies that support web service.

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