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Oracle hikes Java certification testing fee

 Oracle Inc., made significant changes to the cost of technical certification exams for Sun and Oracle technologies as of March 1, 2010.
Oracle reports the new fee structure represents "the first material exam price increase that Oracle has made since the inception of its program," according to an official blog post. "Prices may vary from country to country so please sure to check the links below or with your local site for details."

A full accounting of the fee changes was not immediately available. But both Internet-based exams and proctored ones conducted at testing centers are affected.

The Java/Oracle fee changes listed as follows--
 Under the new pricing structure, all non-proctored (i.e. internet-based) exams worldwide cost $125, proctored Oracle exams are now $195, and proctored Sun exams  are $300. Note that the prices for emerging-market countries are usually lower. Vouchers already purchased remain valid.

Already registered voucher are valid as long as they have not expired.

For more details, logon to Java Certification fee Changes

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SCJP 1.6 Question:1
boolean assert_num=true;
System.out.println("This is the output);

what is the output of the above code when enabled without assertions and enabled with assertions??

SCJP 1.6 Question:2
String S=" ";
for(int x=2;x<7;x++)
if(x>5) break z;

what is the output??

These are the two questions received. For the complete question with options and even answer, find the comments on SCJP Dumps page.

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