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How is the SCJP 1.6 exam different from the SCJP 1.5?

There exists some considerable differences between SCJP 1.5 and SCJP 1.6. Lets have a look at those >>>

* Exam objectives: Several new API classes/interfaces have been added:, java.util.NavigableSet, java.util.NavigableMap. Explicit garbage collector calls (i.e. System.gc()) will no longer be tested, but candidates will still be expected to understand garbage collection and the finalize() method. Also, the following topics will be tested in greater depth: exception handling, collections, assertions, threads, and flow control. See the SCJP forum for more details.
* Number of questions: 72 (no change)
* Time: 210 minutes (increased from 175 minutes)
* Passing score: 65% (increased from 59%)
* Format of questions: No change.

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